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By Gary Chartrand, Ping Zhang

ISBN-10: 0486483681

ISBN-13: 9780486483689

Written by means of of the main famous figures in the sphere of graph thought, this complete text provides a remarkably student-friendly procedure. aimed at undergraduates taking a primary direction in graph conception, its sound but available therapy emphasizes the heritage of graph idea and offers unique examples and lucid proofs. 2004 version.

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The graphite sheet has three parallel classes of infinite railroads, each of them simple; accordingly, it has three parallel classes of infinite simple zigzags (Fig. 7) that form a single orbit. Nanotubes are formally constructed by rolling up the graphite sheet, with each tube identified by a two-parameter lattice vector, and their zigzag structure derives from that of graphite itself. The three types of nanotube, zigzag, armchair and chiral [DDE96] have parameter signatures (n, 0), (n, n), (n, m) (n = m).

Eulerian straight ahead cycles in drawings of complete bipartite graphs, Bericht 97/23, Institute für Mathematik. : Die Erzeugung von 4-regulären, planaren, simplen, zusammenhängenden Graphen mit vorgegebenen Flächentypen. : Realizations with a cut-through Eulerian circuit. Discrete Math. : A Survey of Knot Theory. : Embedding in Graphs. : Automorphismen von polyedrischen Graphen. Math. Ann. : Polyeder und raumeinteilungen. , Mohrmann. G. , Heft 9, Kapitel III A B 12, pp. 1–139. : The theory of left-right paths.

Chem. 36, 233–237 (1997). (http://www. : The construction of cubic and quartic planar maps with prescribed face degrees. Discrete Appl. Math. : Regular Polytopes. : Point Groups. : PlanGraph, a GAP package for Planar Graph. liga. : Octahedrites, Special Issue “Polyhedra in Science and Art”, Symmetry: Culture and Science. : Zigzag structure of simple two-faced polyhedra. : Geometry of Chemical Graphs: Polycycles and Two-faced Maps, Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications, vol. 119. : 4-regular and self-dual analogs of fullerenes, Mathematics and topology of fullerenes.

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