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By Robert Maxwell, F. H. Pedley

ISBN-10: 0082014736

ISBN-13: 9780082014737

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How much better off will he actually be, and by what percentage of his original net income ? e. of what he had left after paying tax). 6. In the figure, ABCD is a rectangle and DEF is a straight line. Name two triangles similar to BEF. If BE = ^EG, prove that BF = ^AB and that the area of the triangle BEF is of the area of the rectangle. 7. We know that 152 = 225 = 1 X 200 + 25 252 = 625 = 2 X 300 + 25 352 = 1225 = 3 X 400 + 25 Write down a general formula and prove it. Use it to find 752, 2052.

It is the usual practice for parents who intend their children to go to a public school to put down their names at a very early age; one well-known public school's preliminary lists are already full up to 1974. Parents may enter their sons for two or three schools, chosen perhaps because of their varying academic standard, in view of the fact that the "registration" process must inevitably take place long before a great deal is known about the boy's academic capability. The second stage in the process comes at the age of 10 or 11 when the boy has been in his preparatory school some two or three years.

These arrangements may be difficult if the examination is not taken locally by many schools and private study candidates are therefore well advised if possible to take one of the examinations most commonly used in their 49 p a r e n t s guide t o examinations area. A small additional fee for their use of the local centres will be made. Head Teachers* Estimates Most Examining Boards ask head teachers to submit estimates of the marks likely to be obtained by each candidate and where necessary these are taken into account, particularly if there is a doubt in the examiner's mind.

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