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Clever platforms, often called professional platforms, serve to this goal within the volume that they have got signed as facilitators during this strategy. those are structures which are in keeping with specialist wisdom, on any topic, so as to emulate human services within the particular box. to procure this data, the information engineers, also referred to as software program engineers, have to improve methodologies for clever structures. during this zone there's nonetheless no unified method that gives potent tools, notations and instruments to help in improvement.

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1. Electric Power System Overview A typical electric power system can be divided in generation and systems of transmission, sub-transmission and distribution. The transmission system interconnects generating sta‐ tions to large substations located near load centers generally using aerial electric transmis‐ sion lines. The sub-transmission system distributes energy to an entire district and usually uses aerial electric transmission lines. The distribution system transports energy from the lo‐ cal substation to individual houses, using aerial or underground transmission lines [7].

1. Evidence Degree Extracting Algorithm The paraconsistent system for treatment of uncertainties may be used in many fields of knowledge where incomplete or contradictory information will receive an adequate treat‐ ment through the equations of the PAL2v. 5772/51379 dence in relation to the proposition in analyses must be normalized and all the processing will be done in real closed interval between 0 and 1 [9]. This process for modelling the evidence degrees with linear variation can be made in its simpler form with the algorithm that will be described in the next section [13-15].

Transform the smallest value among the Evidence Degrees of the group in study in unfavorable Evidence Degree. 1 – µminA= λsel 6. Make the Paraconsistent analysis among the selected values: µR1 = µsel ◊ λsel */ where ◊ is a paraconsistent action of the PAN */ 43 44 Advances in Expert Systems 7. Increase the obtained value µR1 in the group in study, excluding of this the two values µmax and µmin, selected previously. , µn, µR1) – (µmaxA, µminA) 8. Return to the item 2 until that the Group in study has only 1 element resulting from the analyses.

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