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By E.H. Dowell

ISBN-10: 9028604049

ISBN-13: 9789028604049

Publication by means of Dowell, E.H.

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Either known from measurements or estimated, an average wall temperature is needed for every area. Since exhaust valves have a significantly higher temperature than the cylinder head, the area of the cylinder head is normally divided into the exhaust valve area and remaining area. Many authors already deal with calculating the heat transfer coefficient before beginning to simulate the engine process. The equation used most today stems from Woschni [1-34] (see Sect. 2 and [1-26, 1-35, 1-27]). Gas Exchange The enthalpies of the masses flowing in and out through the intake and exhaust valves are produced from the product of specific enthalpy h and mass change dm: dHE dHA ¼ hE Á dmE ¼ hA Á dmA ð1-22Þ K.

2-2b). Only valve overlap of up to approximately 40–608CA may be implemented in a naturally aspirated engine. However, this suffices to largely scavenge the residual exhaust gas. If it were selected substantially larger, essentially symmetrical to TDC, exhaust would also be forced into the intake manifold during the expulsion stroke and exhaust aspirated out of the exhaust manifold during the subsequent intake stroke. The valve overlap in highly supercharged diesel engines (see Sect. 2) in which the mean pressure before intake is higher than the mean pressure in the exhaust manifold may be selected to be significantly longer (up to 1208CA).

VDI Forschungsarbeiten 392. : Die Darstellung des Brennverlaufs eines schnellaufenden Dieselmotors durch zwei u¨berlagerte Vibe-Funktionen. Diss. : Der Einfluss des Arbeitsprozessverlaufs auf den Reibmitteldruck. Diss. : Ermittlung der Reibungsverluste in Verbrennungsmotoren. MTZ 43 (1982) 6, pp. : Erfahrungen mit einem mathematischen Modell zur Simulation von Arbeitsverfahren in Verbrennungsmotoren. Part 1: MTZ 39 (1978) 7/8, pp. 321–325; Part 2: MTZ 39 (1978) 12, pp. : 20 Jahre erfolgreiche Entwicklung des Programmsystems PROMO.

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