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By Peter Ateh-Afac Fossungu

ISBN-10: 9956791423

ISBN-13: 9789956791422

This ebook bargains with love, marriage/family, and witchcraft matters yet its crucial query continues to be that of no matter if love with no knowing is love. Tackling love from a lot broader and interdisciplinary angles than simply the love-making that the majority love tales frequently concentrate on, it advances the duo of affection and figuring out because the beginning of any winning marriage/family. even supposing Momany is blessed with usually simply discovering this infrequent duo, the tensions of belonging in Cameroon were consistent and chronic demanding situations. The e-book uniquely increases and brings new and ground-breaking views on its subject-matters, evidently leaving many social scientists with a lot to do extra examine on.

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All those qualities Momany thinks he readily found in Anna, a very natural, deeply thoughtful, and respectful lady who not only converted a Saul to Paul but also loved using letters for communication to a fault. Momany has never really liked his English name(s) being modified in any way;4 but he is yet to explain why he doesn’t seem to worry when his lover(s) do(es) so, as it is plainly done in this chapter. Is that the conversion being talked about then? That we are about to find out; but if Momany’s mother (Mami Thecla) could be regarded as the one woman that has greatly impacted on his life by misunderstanding and not appreciating him (Fossungu, 2013a: 7), Anna could be the one of three women having had a similar impact by comprehending and so dearly loving him.

Indeed, while in Yoke Momany’s non-academic success was out of school, in Kumba everything was concentrated almost entirely in school with Rita (a Bangwa) at the heart of it. This special lady’s influence even in the later stages of his evolution is inestimable. It was second term in class three when Momany arrived in SHS Fiango in 1971, being about two weeks later than the others in class. He was already used to being the centre of attention especially in the Yoke camp. But it was in this school that Momany really thought he was born to be at the centre of things, thanks a lot to Rita.

It appears as if the AAD (Annastasian Automatic Door) was a necessary gift from nature since spotlight had to become his first name. As usual, most of the girls in his class and school were wild to have Momany but he made all their attempts fruitless since, first, he was not sure any of them could measure up to Rita; and, second, the AAD still had to operate by itself – the second A’s job. Nevertheless, with time, this Rita-like complexioned, Pamela-like quiet and beautiful Banyangi girl in his class kind of caught his eyes by second term.

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