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By Lucille Blanche Griffith

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Thus did the foe come into possession of all the clothing, pearls, and whatsoever else the Christians had beside, which was what their Indians carried. Since the natives had been at peace as far as to that place, some of us, putting our arms in the luggage, had gone without any; and two, who were in the town, had their swords and halberds taken from them, and put to use. The Governor, discovering that if he remained there they could not escape, and if he should order his men, who were outside of the town, to come in, the horses might be killed by the Indians from the houses and great injury done, he ran out; but before he could get away he fell two or three times, and.

2, pp. 1820. The fort and surrounding settlements that Penicaut and La Salle are describing were not on the site of Mobile on the bay. Commonly called Fort Louis de la Mobile but later abbreviated to merely La Mobile, it was where Twenty-Seven Mile Bluff near Mount Vernon is at a later date. It has been described as the first "modern" French American city because it was not walled. The new settlement had many difficulties. There were warring Indians whom the officers tried to bring to terms, Frenchmen killed on expeditions into the interior, sickness caused by the hot climate, shortages of food which sometimes were relieved by sending hunting parties among the Indians, at other times by borrowing supplies from the Spanish in Pensacola and by shiploads from the homeland.

Therefore, I concluded that what my students needed was a book containing representative selections from good sources which were otherwise impossible or difficult to get. " This volume is my answer to these felt needs. This book of readings is based on the theory that the most interesting history is that told by contemporary participants or observers. Few secondary accounts give the reader quite the same feeling of being a participant, or at least a close bystander, as do accounts written in the midst of life by the people who were there.

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