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Why is the parable of 1776? To nation it in its baldest phrases: This used to be the single time in American existence while idealism used to be actually in flower. Made attainable by way of the purest kind of patriotism, led by way of a soldier whom each person loved - George Washington - who, in flip, used to be guided through a caucus of political geniuses in Philadelphia - the Continental Congress - solid farmers raced from their plows to hurl themselves into clash with British mercenaries.

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21 Eternal Life 49 At a different level, for many who are religious, hope for a future life may be in great part a hope for release or deliverance from the hunger, poverty, and degradation of their daily lives. It may not be a hope for oneself but for a departed brother who led a dissolute life or for a departed friend who died after a long bout with disease. It may be the hope, in the words of the Bible, that in a life after death ‘God will wipe away every tear’ (Rev. 17 and Is. 8). Among the religious, the hope that looks to an eschatological life may not only be to be delivered from the grief of their early existence but to enter into a life of plenty and luxury.

Seven is a prime number’ is timelessly true, and this holds whether or not this mathematical fact has been discovered. 7 Numbers and mathematical objects, then, constitute a class of things that are both familiar and recognized as timelessly eternal. 5 St. T. I, q. 2, a. 3, in Basic Writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas, vol. 1, p. 22. 6 Plato, Republic 510b–511c in The Collected Dialogues, pp. 745–6. 7 Kneale makes essentially this point in ‘Time and Eternity in Theology,’ p. 97. Things That Are Eternal 31 Morality We find a similar state of affairs in morality or a viable understanding of morality.

Passages that speak of a ‘reward,’ such as ‘love your enemies and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return; and your reward will be great’ (Lk. 35), are easily given such a reading. When it is said that ‘your reward in heaven is great,’ as Jesus says in the book of Matthew (Mt. 12), the suggestion of a future life beyond one’s earthly life is even stronger. ’3 However, following the spiritual directives in the New Testament for the sake of reward is contrary to the spirit in which they are given.

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