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In 1636 Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson were expelled from Massachusetts for being too liberal. They and a few others founded Rhode Island. In 1639, New Haven, the future Connecticut, was formed. PA MD VA NC SC GA By the mid17th century, small groups of settlers were also living in the present states of New NH MA Hampshire and North NY Carolina. A South CT RI Carolina settlement founded in 1670 became NJ Charles Towne in 1680 after DE King Charles II. This is now Charleston, South Carolina. By 1733, the 13 original colonies were in place, making up the core of what would become the United States of America.

By 1733, the 13 original colonies were in place, making up the core of what would become the United States of America. Orange indicates the area of the original 13 colonies. 38 Chapter 5 The Seeds of Democracy are Planted In July of 1619 the first meeting of a representative government was held in America in Jamestown. To encourage the struggling colonists to stay, the Virginia Company permitted a certain degree of self-rule. The House of Burgesses was the result. The company appointed a governor, who then selected a council of six.

By 1618, Virginia was exporting 50,000 pounds (22,700 kilograms) of tobacco a year to England. Although King James stated that tobacco was unhealthy, he did not prohibit its import. The Virginia Company convinced the English Parliament that only tobacco could save Jamestown from disaster. Jamestown’s success was also helped by a legal change that allowed colonists to acquire land. After working for seven years, a man could become a tenant farmer. After another 10 years or so, the land he worked became his own.

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