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By Luke Bencie

Every one enterprise day, a few 35,000 executives, scientists, specialists, and legal professionals go through the nation's airports to locations around the globe. they bring about, in addition to proprietary files and machine documents, the most recent in own digital apparatus. in spite of the fact that, conscientiously staring at such a lot of these travelers—beginning the instant they come on the airport and sometimes sooner—are uncounted numbers of espionage operatives.

These contributors paintings for international intelligence companies and fiscal issues and search to split overseas company tourists from their exchange secrets and techniques. To be successful, they use many time-tested concepts to entice unsuspecting tourists into susceptible or compromising positions. additionally they hire the most recent digital capability to scouse borrow company info usually at a distance from their prey. this can be the twenty first century, finally, and fiscal and commercial espionage became multibillion-dollar agencies, using a wide range of the main refined capability to procure proprietary info.

Luke Bencie is a veteran of this fight. He is familiar with in detail the threats company tourists face and the way to wrestle these threats. In Among Enemies: Counter-Espionage for the company Traveler, Bencie presents every little thing you must understand to guard your self and your organization from tried espionage.

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Operatives watch for patterns, so don’t leave the hotel at, say, 9 o’clock sharp every morning. — If the same taxi driver picks you up twice during your business trip, in all likelihood it’s no coincidence. You’ve either become a target for economic espionage or, worse, the soon-to-be victim of a crime. In the Hotel You’ve made it safely to the hotel and are now preparing to check in, savoring the sanctuary of your room and a hot shower. But don’t let your guard down. The threat of espionage is just beginning.

How vulnerable are you? Try this 10-question, true-or-false quiz: T/F When traveling, you never leave your laptop unattended, even on your airplane seat, hotel room, the gym or when you go out to eat or sightseeing. T/F You have never downloaded a file to your computer from someone other than an authorized colleague in your organization. T/F You have never had a sensitive or confidential work conversation in the business lounge of an airport or in your hotel room. T/F You have never been approached by a complete stranger in a foreign country, or en route to a foreign country, who asked you intrusive questions about your business.

You should expect that officials will take no action to locate the thieves – proof positive that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Misdirection. You must know by now that it’s unadvisable to take sensitive information with you on an electronic device, especially to foreign destinations. Yet another reason is the practice of misdirection. It originated in stage magic, where the magician distracts the audience or a subject into looking away during a trick. Pickpockets commonly try to distract or intimidate their prey to make their task easier.

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