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By Dahris Martin

ISBN-10: 1780600054

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Dahris Martin, a tender American looking for sunlight, arrived within the holy urban of Kairouan within the overdue Nineteen Twenties. Befriended through the roguish Kalifa, she is welcomed into his circle of family and friends. one of the trustworthy is a distinct portrait of conventional Tunisian society. It tells of barefoot pilgrims and bedouin, the deflowering of virgin brides, spirit ownership and dances held for djinn. It sings the praises of the unsung: Eltifa the blind musician, Zinibe (who had a center for all of the global) and the entrancing, dancing Aisha. Dahris Martin witnessed family existence in Tunisia from inside of, a privilege she stocks with out pretension, with affection and with a convinced lightness of contact.

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So the question remains: Why has nationalization not succeeded in Africa? Why do foreigners still rule African oil? THE LEGACY OF GEOGRAPHY? In his Pulitzer-prize-winning Guns, Germs, and Steel (1999), anthropologist Jared Diamond argues that different levels of technological development allowed Europe to conquer Africa (and, by implication, its oil), but Europe’s comparative advantage over Africa ultimately derived from long-term consequences of differences in their environments. ” (p. 400) Africa is smaller than Eurasia and had fewer indigenous crops and animal species.

Gardinier & Yates 2006) Bongo remained loyal to the men who brought him to power. He admired Charles de Gaulle, and openly declared his gratitude to the French for their assistance in the development of his country. He cultivated strong personal ties with all subsequent presidents of France and worked closely with Foccart and his network, who exploited the vast natural resources of Gabon for the enrichment of France. The influence of France cannot be overemphasized. French remains not only the official language of Gabon, but also Yates T02093 01 text 28 02/12/2011 09:19 FOREIGN STATES AND TRADE RELATIONS 29 the spoken language of the majority of its people, who read French newspapers, listen to French radio, watch French television, study French literature and history in their schools, send their children to France for higher education, and have adopted French habits and tastes, including the importation of almost all of their food from France.

Robinson’s (1972) “theory of collaboration” suggests that foreign domination derives as much from indigenous collaboration, the corrupting influences of money and power, as from the behavior of exogenous actors. Collaboration is a necessary cause of African dependency. Geography, Yates T02093 01 text 42 02/12/2011 09:19 Multinational Corporations and Nationalization 43 slavery, capitalism, neocolonialism, and authoritarianism may be sufficient, when combined, to explain African dependency, but none of them is necessary to that argument.

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