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Was bent and the ship headed for the beach. When the strand was felt beneath the keel, the ramp went down and out galloped the one-man, one-horsepower armored chargers to asFull sail any of the knights floundered in the sand, the beachmaster arrived with his buUdozers (two husky sault the enemy forces. If oxen) and hauled out the bogged-down warriors. Supporting the assault operations were the LSMRs (Landmg Medium Rocket), known as a new Ship device commonly while like the actually devised in Caesar's time, fire gun.

He demanded many hostages from Cassivelaunus, a fixed annual tribute payable from Britain into the Roman was not to interfere with the lesser chieftains treasury, and gave strict orders that the British leader who had sought Cae- sar's protection. This time the Britain, although Roman general proclaimed a great conquest in he quit the island. Caesar had his triumph and the British captives trod a sullen path behind his chariot through the streets of Rome, but thanks to Cassivelaunus and his tribes, no invader landed on their island shores for nearly a century.

First they moved on the fort, after a circuitous overland march, took the battery from the rear and threw the main garrison into a panic by swinging sion although the soldiers hauling their supplies and the guns around and using the captured ammunition, although the French gunners had The New England soldiers, all natural "tinkerers," tried to spike the guns before retreating. soon drilled out spiked touchholes and had the weapons in action, firing into the fort as well as the town itself. Following this advantage, a siege was set up in which British naval officials co-operated splendidly, and the New England militiamen were soon making raids into the town.

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