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By Ralph J. Bunche

ISBN-10: 1868142175

ISBN-13: 9781868142170

Ralph Bunche, who acquired the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950, traveled to South Africa for 3 months in 1937. His notes, which were skillfully compiled and annotated by means of historian Robert R. Edgar, supply special insights on a segregated society.

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Talked about "the niggers" in the compounds, how backward, ignorant & child like they are, etc. they are clearly so many animals to him. 19 September. Talked with a Mr. Helen, who calls himself an anatomist & "scientist"we are "fellow scientists"; he whispered that I will have no trouble with the English in So. Africa, but that the Dutch are hopelessly narrow. His view is that native is hopelessly mentally inferiorhe can be educated but still has no intelligence. I just keep mum and listen. 22 September.

Scallon expressed his dislike of white Amer. missionaries who came to So. Afr. preaching brotherhood [o]f man and equality to "So. African niggers" tho they knew this is impossible because of the attitude of the So. Afr. whites. Said all natives are savages & immoral. Said there is no Jim Crow in So. , but "reserved" sections on trains for natives & colored. 58 After delivering his homily, Scallon finally issued him a landing permit. " Writing to Herskovits a short time later about the permit affair, Bunche admitted that he had prevailed, but only at the cost of having "...

Peter Dabula (RJB) 220 31. Jack Phillips (Bantu World) 221 32. Bantu Sports Ground (Bantu World) 221 33. Tennis Players, Bantu Men's Social Centre (RJB) 222 34. Bantu Men's Social Centre (Bantu World) 223 35. Western native Township Co-operative Store (Bantu World) 223 36-40. Wedding scenes, Western Native Township (RJB) 22426 41. Workers at Van Ryn Deep Mine, Benoni (RJB) 226 42. Alexandra location (RJB) 227 43. Dr. Xuma's house (RJB) 227 44. Gana Makabeni (Inkululeko) 228 45. Zulu dancers (RJB) 228 Pretoria 4647.

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