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By W. John Hutchins, Harold L. Somers

ISBN-10: 012362830X

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The interpretation of overseas language texts via pcs used to be one of many first projects that the pioneers of computing and synthetic intelligence set themselves. laptop translation is back turning into a massive box of study and improvement because the desire for translations of technical and advertisement documentation is growing to be way past the ability of the interpretation occupation. this can be the 1st textbook of laptop translation, supplying a whole direction on either basic computing device translation platforms features and the computational linguistic foundations of the sector. computer Translation assumes no past wisdom of the sector and offers the fundamental history details to the linguistic and computational foundations of the topic. it's a useful textual content for college students of computational linguistics, synthetic intelligence, average language processing, and knowledge technology.

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We will return to this question below. However the distinction between deep and surface syntactic functions is one which is generally accepted and understood. 3 Predicate-argument structure Syntactic relationships within sentences may also be described in terms of predicate-argument structures. This term refers to the traditional division of propositions in logic into predicates and arguments. A sentence such as (5a) above corresponds to the proposition run (boy), where the predicate run has a single argument boy; a sentence such as (8a) corresponds to gave (man, book, girl), a proposition with three arguments.

It saw no need for further investment in MT research; instead it recommended the development of machine aids for translators, such as automatic dictionaries, and continued support of basic research in computational linguistics. The ALPAC report was widely condemned as narrow, biased and shortsighted — it was certainly wrong to criticize MT because output had to be post-edited, and it misjudged the economic factors — but large-scale financial support of current approaches could not continue. Its influence was profound, bringing a virtual end to MT research in the United States for over a decade and damaging the public perception of MT for many years afterwards.

1 Syntactic features and functions Relations between constituent or dependent items are sometimes indicated by the sharing of syntactic features. The difference between (5a) and (5b) lies in the fact that in (5a) the noun and the verb are both ‘singular’ and in (5b) they are both ‘plural’. The extent of such kinds of agreement can be greater in other languages, as in the French example (6), where each word is marked as ‘plural’ and in addition the noun rues and the adjectives grandes and embouteillées are all ‘feminine’.

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