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References 1. M. B a r r e t t , R. J. J. Squire, J. C a r t e r ( I C I L t d . ) , Ger. Offen. A. 22, 1 2 0 3 1 8 ~(1970). 2. F. 3. 3 o i s s i e r , Y. Dunas, C. Advenier, Compt. Rend. SOC. B i o l . , 232 (1973)3. L. Hansson, H. Aberg, S. Jameson, Karlberg 549 (1973). R. Malmcrona, Acta Pled. Scand. 4. A. Amery, L. B i l l i e t , R. k g l . J. Ned, 2 o 284 (1974). 5. &8aplar, 2. hunC H. Eofman, J. Kuftinec, PI. Bkreblin, F. Kajfez, A. ITa I, IT. Blazev i 6 , Acta Pharm. , 2 ( 2 ) , 1983) i n press, 6.

Matin, J. Pharma24. O. col. Sci. 42, 1340 (1978), Yee, P. F. Blaschlce, J. Chroma26. -G. tog. 1 1, 357 (1979). A. Le ebvre, J. B. F o u r t i l l a n , J. Liquid Shromatog. 4, 483 (1981). 28. Y. 'deddle, T . N . D. Yason, J. Pharmac o l . Sci. 9, 1033 (1978). 27 4 This ThisPage PageIntentionally IntentionallyLeft LeftBlank Blank CAMPHOR Jaber S. Mossa and Mahinoud M. A. Hassail King Satid Uiiiwrsity Rirlcicllz, S n d i Amliia I, 2. 3. 4. 5, 6. 7. 5 Appearance, Colour. Odour. 60813-5 JABER S . MOSSA A N D MAHMOUD M .

I n t h e middle of t h e 15tL c e n t u r y , numerous camphor i n d u s t r i e s were e s t a b l i s h e d i n China, Japan and Formosa. Any how t h e major production of camphor w a s o b t a i n e d from Japan and Formosa. The p r o d u c t i o n of camphor from t h e n a t u r a l source i s w e l l summarised belbw: The t r e e s over 40 y e a r s old a r e f e l l e d , t h e i r r o o t s a r e dug out. The r o o t s and t h e t r u n k s o f t h e camphor t r e e s a r e brought t o t h e f a c t o r y where t h e y a r e reduced t o small c h i p s .

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